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Professional_New_Jersey_Home_Inspection  Thorough New Jersey Home Inspection Services That Are Complete, Packed with Detail, and Professional

State_Licensed_New_Jersey_Home_Inspection  A State Licensed and Fully Insured New Jersey Home Inspection Company

ASHI_Certified_Home_Inspection_services  ASHI Certified Home Inspection Services

Promt_Courteous_Home_Inspection_Services  Prompt, Courteous Home Inspection Services with Weekend Inspections available at No Extra Charge

Full_Service_Home_Inspection  Comprehensive Home Inspection Services Including Radon Testing, Sept Tank Inspection, and Termite Inspection

Home_Inspection_Requre_Up_To_Three_Hours   Home Inspections Can Take 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 Hours or More, Depending on the Home

Extensively_Detailed_Home_Inspection_Report  We Provide an Easy to Read, Condensed Home Inspection Report Narrative Averaging 25+ Pages

Fast_Home_Inspection_Reprts  Fast, Convenient Reporting with Home Inspection Reports Provided Promptly

Accurate_Home_Inspections_Services  Home Inspection Reports Packed with Important Details Regarding the Condition of The Property

ASHI_Certifed_Home_Inspector  All Home Inspections Are Performed by ASHI Certified Inspector Fred Ensminger

Be Certain Your Family is Protected from Harmful Exposure to Radon...


New Jersey Radon Testing

Educated Home Inspections of New Jersey is licensed to provide New Jersey Radon Testing services. Radon Testing in New Jersey is often required as part of a home inspection. If you need Radon Testing as part of your New Jersey Home Inspection we can provide accurate and credible results. If you elect to have a Radon Test performed for your own piece of mind, Educated Home Inspections has two Licensed New Jersey Measurement Technicians on staff for your convenience.

Your New Jersey Radon Test will always be performed and picked up by a Licensed New Jersey Radon Measurement Technician. Educated Home Inspections of New Jersey would never request a homeowner or prospective homeowner to mail back a Radon test kit. Radon Tests and activities are available through State Certified Radon Professionals and businesses.

Radon, as the name implies, is a radioactive gas that is generated as concentrations of uranium decay in soil. Radon gas gains entry to the interior of a home through a number of different points. Typical points of entry include cracks or holes in the foundation or basement floor, improperly sealed pipes, drainage systems or any minor access point to the soil around or beneath the home. Radon is found in both existing neighborhoods with well established older homes, and new neighborhoods populated exclusively with new home construction. Radon is a reality in New Jersey as well as across the country. The New Jersey Radon Map below provides information regarding Radon levels in specific counties across New Jersey.


The only way to truly be certain your family is protected from harmful Radon emissions is to perform a properly administered Radon Test on the property. The Radon Test will accurately measure the average Radon Level in the home. Radon Tests and Radon Testing Devices are available in two forms, referred to as ‘Active Radon Testing’ and ‘Passive Radon Testing.’ Active Radon Test Devices require a greater window of time to provide measurement results than do Passive Radon Tests. Because Passive Radon Devices can provide results much faster than Active Radon Test, Passive Radon Tests are much more suitable if a real estate transaction is involved. A common Passive Radon Device is metal canister-type device containing activated charcoal. The canister is deposited in the lowest level of the home which could be potentially occupied. Radon Testing excludes non-occupied areas of the home, such a crawl space under a house, but does include finished or unfinished basement areas. The Radon Testing Device will be placed and then retrieved several days later by a Licensed New Jersey Radon Measurement Technician. Upon retrieval from the home, the Radon Testing Device is carefully processed for shipment to a professional Radon Test Laboratory for Radon analysis. Radon concentration is measured in picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L). If Radon concentrations in the home are found to exceed 4 pCi/L, the EPA recommends immediate mitigation. The average cost of a Radon Mitigation System, based on EPA studies, ranges between $800 and $2500 per incident.

For additional information regarding Radon levels in New Jersey counties we encourage you to visit the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Radon Section.

Please note that some services provided by Educated Home Inspetions, such as oil tank inspections, water testing, septic inspections, and termite inspections may be arranged through third parties. Radon testing labs used are RA Data and Radiation Data.


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Educated Home Inspections of New Jersey serves almost every New Jersey County. New Jersey Counties specifically serviced include Morris County, Passaic County, Sussex County, Union County, Somerset County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Warren County, Bergen County, and Hunterdon County.

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As an architect with an 100 year old home, I knew I needed a highly qualified and knowledgeable home inspector. Fred proved to be that man. He took his time and was very thorough. He was very knowledgeable about all the aspects of home construction and systems. His report was clear and comprehensive. It was a pleasure doing business with him. --CUSANO ASSOCIATES INC., Mendham, NJ

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