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Professional_New_Jersey_Home_Inspection  Thorough New Jersey Home Inspection Services That Are Complete, Packed with Detail, and Professional

State_Licensed_New_Jersey_Home_Inspection  A State Licensed and Fully Insured New Jersey Home Inspection Company

ASHI_Certified_Home_Inspection_services  ASHI Certified Home Inspection Services

Promt_Courteous_Home_Inspection_Services  Prompt, Courteous Home Inspection Services with Weekend Inspections available at No Extra Charge

Full_Service_Home_Inspection  Comprehensive Home Inspection Services Including Radon Testing, Sept Tank Inspection, and Termite Inspection

Home_Inspection_Requre_Up_To_Three_Hours   Home Inspections Can Take 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 Hours or More, Depending on the Home

Extensively_Detailed_Home_Inspection_Report  We Provide an Easy to Read, Condensed Home Inspection Report Narrative Averaging 25+ Pages

Fast_Home_Inspection_Reprts  Fast, Convenient Reporting with Home Inspection Reports Provided Promptly

Accurate_Home_Inspections_Services  Home Inspection Reports Packed with Important Details Regarding the Condition of The Property

ASHI_Certifed_Home_Inspector  All Home Inspections Are Performed by ASHI Certified Inspector Fred Ensminger

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New Jersey Termite Inspection Services (Wood Destroying Insect Inspection)

The damage to homes across the United States caused by termites exceeds that of any other natural disaster. Termites are attributed with causing more damage to American homes than fire, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. Termites damage more than 600,000 homes annually causing 1.6 billion dollars in damage across the county. It is estimated that one in every four homes will potentially experience damage from Termites or other wood destroying insects. Not surprising, the vast majority of homeowner's policies DO NOT cover termite damage.

It is an industry standard as well as highly recommended practice, by both real-estate and pest control companies, as well as required by some Lenders, that a potential home Buyer should retain the services of a New Jersey Termite Inspector before buying a home. Fred Ensminger maintains a New Jersey State License 7 b, which some Lenders require for a Termite Inspection. Findings of your Termite Inspection are reported on Form NPMA33 for those Lenders requiring a Termite Inspection.

A properly prepared New Jersey Termite Inspection will provide a potential home Buyer with a two part report. This report will provide details regarding any existing damage or signs of infestation and target areas of the home that are predisposed to the likelihood of future infestations. Typical areas of concern will include open access points in the foundation of the house, lower levels of the home such as a basement, or areas within the home that demonstrate significant amounts of moisture. Any existing termite damage discovered becomes the responsibility of the Seller. Recommendations provided by the inspector regarding methods of prevention to eliminate future termite infestations are the responsibility of the home Buyer.

A Termite Inspection conducted by Educated Home Inspection of New Jersey extends far beyond simply looking for evidence of termites or termite damage. A Termite Inspection by Educated Home Inspection of New Jersey is a thorough visual examination seeking to identify the presence or potential presence of conditions conducive to all types of wood-destroying insects (WDI) and wood destroying organisms (WDO). A qualified inspector visually inspects the home including all interior and exterior areas. Substructure spaces such as basements and crawlspaces are given extra attention because these areas provide an exceptional habitat for possible WDI and WDO invaders. In areas where Drywood Termites are prevalent or substructure areas are absent, the attic areas of a home may also require access and inspection.

It is very important that a New Jersey Termite Inspection be performed by an Inspector who has a state license 7 b certification. A typical home inspector is not professionally trained to adequately recognize existing or potential WDI and WDO damage. Fred Ensminger of Educated Homes of New Jersey is State licensed, has the verifiable field experience, and is Certified by NJPMA, New Jersey Pest Management Association as an authorized WDI and WDO Inspector. The early detection of WDI and WDO can literally save homeowners in New Jersey thousands of dollars.

A New Jersey Termite Inspection is generally performed, per client request, during the course of a standard New Jersey Home Inspection. Accessibility to necessary areas of the home is crucial during a Termite Inspection. Because basements and substructure areas are often utilized as storage areas for personal items, these items will need to be temporarily relocated to allow your New Jersey Home Inspector proper access to potential areas of infestation.

The results of a Termite Inspection are usually not by themselves enough to dissuade a buyer from making a home purchase. Termite Inspection Reports generally serve as negotiating points between Seller and Buyer, by which terms are agreed for prevention of future infestations and repairs prior to purchase of the property. A Seller may also be willing to negotiate price concessions if termite damage is found. If excessive infestation or damage is found in a structure one is well-advised to re-consider the advantages and disadvantages of the home purchase. Excessive or massive structural damage to a home as the result of WDI or WDO can lead to substantial structural deficiencies that can only be addressed through costly re-engineering of the key structural points of the home.

Please note that some services provided by Educated Home Inspetions, such as oil tank inspections, water testing, septic inspections, and termite inspections may be arranged through third parties. Radon testing labs used are RA Data and Radiation Data.


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