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Professional_New_Jersey_Home_Inspection  Thorough New Jersey Home Inspection Services That Are Complete, Packed with Detail, and Professional

State_Licensed_New_Jersey_Home_Inspection  A State Licensed and Fully Insured New Jersey Home Inspection Company

ASHI_Certified_Home_Inspection_services  ASHI Certified Home Inspection Services

Promt_Courteous_Home_Inspection_Services  Prompt, Courteous Home Inspection Services with Weekend Inspections available at No Extra Charge

Full_Service_Home_Inspection  Comprehensive Home Inspection Services Including Radon Testing, Sept Tank Inspection, and Termite Inspection

Home_Inspection_Requre_Up_To_Three_Hours   Home Inspections Can Take 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 Hours or More, Depending on the Home

Extensively_Detailed_Home_Inspection_Report  We Provide an Easy to Read, Condensed Home Inspection Report Narrative Averaging 25+ Pages

Fast_Home_Inspection_Reprts  Fast, Convenient Reporting with Home Inspection Reports Provided Promptly

Accurate_Home_Inspections_Services  Home Inspection Reports Packed with Important Details Regarding the Condition of The Property

ASHI_Certifed_Home_Inspector  All Home Inspections Are Performed by ASHI Certified Inspector Fred Ensminger

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New Jersey Septic Tank Inspection Services

A fully functional and efficiently operating Septic System is a crucial component to many homes located in rural areas of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the septic system is more often than not the last thing on the mind of sellers or potential home buyers. A septic system typically does not get noticed until there is a major problem with the septic system. When a home is purchased, the real question regarding the septic system is whether there may be a potential problem with its future performance or operation.

Unquestionably, there is no definitive methodology to determine exactly how long a septic system will last or how it may respond to increased usage. A properly conducted New Jersey Septic Inspection administered by Educated Home Inspection of New Jersey will provide very useful information on the condition of the septic system at the time of the inspection. While predicting the longevity or future performance of an existing septic system is not part of a septic inspection, a New Jersey Septic Inspection can reveal real defects in the septic system which can save a potential home Buyer a tremendous amount of money in unexpected repair costs.

Septic Systems come in a number of different configurations. Septic Systems range from professionally installed conventional in-ground systems to sand mounds, spray irrigation systems, and stream discharge systems. Cesspool Systems, Seepage Systems, and a wide variety of privately engineered Septic Systems are in use across the State of New Jersey. Our intention in this article is not to provide details regarding the specifics of Septic Systems, but rather to clarify the particulars regarding the process of New Jersey Septic System Inspection.

The majority of Septic Systems in New Jersey are subterranean. More specifically, this means that the main components or working parts of a New Jersey Septic System are housed underground and are not readily available or naturally visible. Inspecting a typical New Jersey Septic System, based on its subterranean existence, therefore presents its own set of unique challenges for any New Jersey Home Inspector.

Performing New Jersey Septic Tank Inspections necessarily requires that the interests of the prospective Buyer be balanced against the obvious challenges and restraints associated with a tangible Real Estate transaction. In other words, as a potential New Jersey home Buyer, you certainly do not want to absorb the cost of unearthing the entire homes’ Septic System to gain piece of mind regarding Septic System functionality on the property.

An affordable solution to providing an educated and well-informed New Jersey Septic Tank Inspection must be performed to protect the Buyer Interests while at the same time accommodating, safe guarding, and balancing the Buyers financial protocol relative the Septic Tank Inspection. Therefore, a determiniation needs to be made regarding how much a Buyer wants invest to investigate a Septic System. In almost all situations it is neither practical nor possible to check all of the septic system components, unless the Buyer is willing unearth the various components such as the tank, absorption area, and distribution system. Soil testing can be performed as well but this is usually impractical in a typical real estate transaction.

Considering the past performance of an active Septic System is helpful, but a Buyer must understand that a working Septic System, which has provided many years of effective and efficient service, may fail with very little or no warning. Septic Systems naturally maintain a finite life cycle, and therefore for all intensive purposes it is impossible to determine, with any measure of accuracy, the exact longevity of a Septic System.

A non-invasive Septic System Inspection is usually the best choice in beginning to understand the current condition of an operating and active Septic System. It is important to note as well that there are many different configurations in Septic System design and functionality, and as a result, each Septic System Inspection can be unique in its own way. A Non-invasive Septic Tank Inspection leaves the soil basically undisturbed and typically will not disturb or alter the operations of the Septic System in any way.

In a Non-invasive New Jersey Septic Tank Inspection, all available access caps are removed and the level of liquids inside is observed and recorded. Your New Jersey Home Inspector will then run the water inside the home for a period not less than 30 minutes. During this period liquid levels in access pipes are observed and recorded and the absorption area of the Septic System is monitored for signs of seepage and lush plant growth. Non-invasive Septic Tank Inspections rely on the experience and acumen of the Home Inspector to recognize subtle visual signs to detect problems or defects within the Septic System. While water inside the home continues to run, toilets are flushed and each toilet is observed for proper operation. The drain lines inside the home are are also located, tracked, and monitored to determine if more than one waste system is in use on the property. In some older New Jersey Homes there are separate gray water drains and black water drains. The gray water drains are frequently found discharging directly to daylight.

When the absorption area has been located it is standard practice to utilize a probe bar to determine the moisture content of the soil in the absorption area. Soil that is saturated with water in or around the absorption area typically indicates a problem with the Septic System. Unusually high moisture levels in the absorption area are frequently accompanied by a distinct septic smell and lush green plant growth. A liquid level found to be ‘above the stone’ is a benchmark, and if these conditions are present, even if the system is currently operational, the Septic System will be deemed ‘faulty.’

Please note that some services provided by Educated Home Inspections, such as oil tank inspections, water testing, septic inspections, and termite inspections may be arranged through third parties. Radon testing labs used are RA Data and Radiation Data.


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